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Managing a business requires a dedicated focus on your industry, customers, personnel, finances, and operations to name a few. All of these entities are simultaneously connected through your IT infrastructure, therefore, any interruption has an impact on the others and can be a major disruption to your bottom line. The complexities of technology and its ever changing nature can undoubtedly be overwhelming when added to managing your business. Partnering with Trinity Technical Solutions can bring you peach of mind and relieve you of this additional burden because “we focus on IT so you can focus on running your business.”

With our Managed IT Services, Trinity Delivers, we understand every partners need is different and we are positioned to customize our support contracts to meet each unique necessity. We are comfortable managing the end-to-end support of your on-site or remote technical infrastructure. Moreover, we remain flexible enough to support an individual function of your technology services such as systems monitoring and triage to your in-house IT staff.

TrinityDelivers offers a variety of a la carte and bundled services to manage your IT infrastructure so you can focus on meeting your business outcomes.

A La Carte

Asset Tracking
Detailed Inventory tracking or servers, workstations, and software.

Keep systems up-to-date with latest vendor released and 3rd party security patches.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Complete data protection that backs up your critical information and applications offsite. System image backups available.

Spam & virus filtering with optional archiving.

Microsoft Office 365/Google G-Suite
Backup & recovery of Office 365 and G-Suite email.

Managed Documents
Backup & recover over 50 common file types twice per day securely to the cloud.

Data Risk Assessment
Identify application and OS vulnerabilities on your network to understand what secure information is vulnerable or exposed.

Help Desk & Remote Support
Support for end users including desktops and laptops.

Web Protection
Web security, web filtering, and web bandwidth monitoring.

Mobile Device Management
Windows, iOS, and Android monitoring, security, and tracking.

Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection
Protects against virus and malware using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

System Administration
Troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of servers and endpoints.

Bundled Services

24/7 Monitoring Only
Monitor your systems to identify issues and errors. Provide report and optionally triage to in-house technical staff.

Proactive Services
Monitoring and basic management of servers, network devices, and workstations.

Managed Services
Monitoring and preventative management of servers, network devices, and workstations.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Protect against hardware failure with complete data protection that backs up your critical information and applications offsite. System image backups available.

Threat Monitoring
Monitoring of key infrastructure areas including firewalls, users, email, and endpoints.

Basic Security
Managed antivirus, patching, document backup, light monitoring, and reporting.

Enhanced Security
Basic security plus mail security and web content filtering.

Premium Security
Enhanced security plus proactive monitoring and scheduled maintenance.

*Monthly reporting is included and standard with all services.

Trinity Delivers Benefits:

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