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Solutions for Business

Have you estimated the true cost of downtime? Data shows that 75% of Small and Medium Business (SMBs) are engaging support teams retroactively, known as the pay-as-you-go model. Consequently, the SMB has no real control over these expenditures as the cost varies with each service call. This model makes it impossible for the SMB to budget with confidence. Partnering with Trinity Technical Solutions will allow the SMB to accurately plan their monthly IT service cost and save by preventing costly problems before they occur.

We will support and manage your devices from installation to disposal helping your organization focus on business operations while we concentrate on the technology. We are equally as committed to our customers experience as we are to supporting your infrastructure.

It is our passion and mission to make your I.T. work for you!

We provide managed services, technical solutions, and consulting using a combination of the industry’s highest rated tools, proven methodologies, and over 15 years of technical experience. Flexibility is one of our strengths by allowing us to tailor a contract that is attractive and workable for our customers.

Core Service Packages for Businesses

Based on the feedback and concerns of business leaders we have configured our Basic, Enhanced, and Premium packages to provide a comprehensive approach to asset management and security. Some services are also available a-la-carte.

These decisions can be overwhelming and we are here to help. With a little information about your business we can recommend or build the best package to meet you unique needs.

Core Service (expand each item for details)
Managed Patching
Monitoring and installation of Windows and applicable 3rd party software vendor released patches
Managed Security
Install & monitoring of computer’s security from outside threats of virus and ransomeware
Basic Monitoring
Monitoring of computer components to identify issues
Enhanced Monitoring
Enhanced monitoring of computer components to maximize performance & identify issues
Premium Monitoring
Enhanced monitoring of computer components to maximize performance, identify issues, and select applications
System Tray Icon
Icon placed in system tray (next to clock) to submit ticket or run self-healing application
Monthly reporting on key system metrics
Web Security/Filtering
Policies to allow or prevent access to specific or groups of websites. Device bandwidth monitoring.
Documents Backup
Backup of all supported document types twice per day to the cloud
100GB Cloud Backup
Full system backup with ability to restore to new hardware. Can restore specific files or folders
Repair Work
No repair work is included in any package. All requests will be quoted as a one-time project
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